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Our Journey

For 25 years, Global has been a leading provider to the GSE market worldwide. We evolved from being a manufacturer of aircraft deicing and catering trucks to also being a solutions, service-oriented business partner for airports, airlines and the armed forces.

In the late 1990s, the Air T holding company (Nasdaq: AIRT), guided by aerospace luminary George Prill, strategically acquired Simon Deicer, transforming it into Global Ground Support LLC and becoming the world’s second-largest aircraft deicer truck manufacturer. Diversifying to meet seasonal demand, Global expanded its portfolio with additional ground support vehicles, maintaining year-round production. Achieving a milestone in 1999, Global secured a U.S. Air Force contract, cementing its industry leadership.

Over the next 25 years, Global evolved into a dynamic player in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) market, transitioning from being a GSE manufacturer to a solutions-focused partner for its worldwide customers in 43 countries. Global’s leadership and account team strive to understand and support its customers’ business strategies with quality equipment, innovation, responsive MRO services, careful planning, transparent communication, and dynamic problem-solving.  

Headquartered in Olathe, KS, Global remains integral to its customers by delivering tremendous value through its “ready, responsive, and reliable” company motto. With state-of-the-art facilities and a global customer base spanning ground-handling companies, major airlines, airports, and armed forces clients, Global is committed to meeting its customer requirements and meeting the dynamic needs of the aviation industry.


Satisfy our customers through performance excellence


Be a recognized leader in GSE markets for focused service, teamwork, and responsiveness

Core Purpose

Global is a customer-centric company first and foremost. We tailor our GSE product and service offerings around customer requests, market driven demands, and our own commitment to continuous process improvement. The difference in our products is our people. We set the standard for being ready, reliable, and responsive. 

Core Values


Reliable innovation and superior craftsmanship ensure our ground support equipment exceeds industry standards.

Customer Focused

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives every decision and action we take.

Improvement & Innovation

Continuous innovation drives our enterprise forward.

Full Lifecycle Support

From inception to asset end of life, we pledge unwavering support throughout your GSE product’s lifecycle.


We lead with integrity in our manufacturing and service support, fostering strong partnerships with customers.

Problem solvers

We thrive on continuous problem-solving and creative solutions.


Together, we thrive: aligned, motivated, and incentivized for collective success.


Our commitment to professionalism guarantees seamless support for your aviation needs, every time.

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